Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 36th Annual Duck Dinner

The Duck Dinner has been taking place every year, without fail, for the past 36 years, and last weekend I had the privilege of attending my third. In over three and a half decades, the multi-course feast has never repeated themes (rumor has it that a large binder containing every menu since its inception exists), although they tend to have a strong French influence.

Last year was very Julia Child -- fig and pate spread, mussels with minted Greek yogurt, duck breasts with roasted endive tarts -- while the previous year was upscale rustic. The location had been moved to Sid and Michelle's gorgeous cabin in the Adirondacks and the menu aptly reflected its surroundings: duck burgers on homemade brioche buns with heirloom tomato ketchup, roasted fingerlings with crème fraiche and caviar, deviled eggs with salmon roe, and s'mores made with entirely homemade elements.

Finding a way to blow everyone's socks off each year seems like a daunting task but, once again, Eric managed just that. The theme of 2010, South of the Border, was fresh and exciting. And the inventive menu, we later figured out, contained some sort of pepper in every course, save the margarita sorbet palate cleanser. ¡Muy delicioso!

So without further ado, I give you the 2010 Duck Dinner.

Little peppers stuffed with herbed white beans

Sweet potato chips with guacamole

  Raw oysters with mignonette sauce

 Green corn soup
Empanadillas 3 ways: BBQ pork, fish and fruit


Sombreros: fresh pasta sheets with truffled mushrooms, truffle cream and two pepper sauces

Lime margarita ice

Sliced duck with chipotle sauce and polenta

Local lettuces with sherry vinaigrette and edible flowers; homemade potato rolls

Mexican sundae with 2 types of homemade vanilla bean ice cream, caramelized plantains with rum glaze, sweet mole sauce, whipped cream and roasted pecans

Chocolate espresso torta with cinnamon


Nurit said...

wow, what a dinner!
Who's Eric?

NudeFood said...

Eric, my boyfriend's father, is the duck dinner founder and chef extraordinaire. He amazes us every year.

Terri Johnson said...

How fantastic. You are right it is a privilege to attend. Thanks for sharing.

carmen said...

The polenta is the best part, adorable.

Cecily said...

Ah it all looks so amazing! Great photos, Kate!

Rich Kleinfeldt said...

Kate...Katrina and I are in heaven, looking at your pictures and reading your comments, revisiting the Duck Dinner.
Great! Bravo to you and your Blog!
Rich and Katrina

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