Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The 35th Annual Duck Dinner

Last weekend I had the distinct honor of attending my 2nd duck dinner. And let me tell you, there's nothing like it.

The tradition
began in 1974 in upstate NY when a University of Buffalo PhD student rescued a handful of baby ducks from an imprint study. Having escaped their destiny in a fiery furnace, they were given a home in the basement of a student house. Before long, the fluffy chicks turned into smelly, messy, somewhat crappy pets. The decision was eventually made to slaughter some of the birds, just in time for a birthday celebration (ironically, the birthday belonged to their liberator).

That first duck dinner was the beginning of a long-standing tradit
ion. Every year since, those present 35 years ago in Buffalo, reunite, along with their family and friends, to celebrate the duck.

This year's menu was ste



Pâté from an Ithaca, New York farmers' market spread on Melba toast rounds with a dollop of fig preserves

Grilled baby artichokes with caper mint sauce

Mussels with Greek yogurt, capers and mint

Soup Course

Thai Three Melon Soup

Pasta Course

Roast turbot with asparagus veloute over tagliatelle

Palate Cleansing Course

Concord grape and rosemary sorbet

Main Course

Duck breasts with endive tarts

Salad Course

Salade Composee with ginger dressing

Dessert Course

Pavlova with lavender cream and berries
Double chocolate goodness

With expanded waistlines and loosened belts, the celebration ended the same way it always has: with a long walk.

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