Thursday, June 24, 2010

My New Addiction

I’d like to take a moment and bend your ear about one of my favorite new products: Liberté Méditerranée yogurt. I wouldn’t have even discovered it had it not been for their coconut flavor (I’m an absolute sucker for anything coconut and was powerless to resist grabbing one). ‘Twas a lucky day for them since they scored a returning customer. 

I would describe it as a cross between whole milk yogurt and Greek yogurt: thick, creamy and just sweet enough. The venerable Montreal-based company uses hormone-free Vermont milk to make a velvety yogurt with 8.5% fat. It reminds me of the good stuff from Europe made with minimal ingredients (and no cornstarch in sight). I’ve been religiously pairing the coconut with freshly cut pineapple or mango but recently discovered that quartered strawberries taste so much better topped with a dollop of lemon
Méditerranée, as would a warm slice of gingerbread. 

My dessert repertoire has happily landed in a delicious rut.


Becky Boutch said...

I, too, am a total sucker for coconut anything, and was delighted to find this yogurt at the Creamery at Pike Place Market. It may be a good thing that it is not available closer to home. ;-)

erik said...

i love all things coconut and will need to seek out this goodness; thanks for the post kate!

melanie said...

I have been picking up this yogurt over the last 2 years when I can find it....there is also a plum with walnut that is fantastic.