Saturday, June 6, 2009

Country Paté

I can't remember the first time I had paté or foie gras, but it seems that I've always loved it. That smooth, moussey texture with an intense mineral-rich taste. Then last year at Cremant, a French restaurant in Seattle's Madrona neighborhood, I had the opportunity to try a much more rustic, courser paté: Paté de Campagne, or Country Paté. To me, it seemed like the perfect picnic food, meant to be spread on hunks of crusty bread, eaten alongside cornichons and cheese, all while barefoot in the sun.

The weather didn't exactly cooperate so last night we had an indoor picnic. Earlier in the day I picked up a thick slice of Country Paté with Black Pepper, a blend of pork, pork liver, eggs, onion and spices, from Whole Foods Market. Served with 2 types of cheese, artisan bread, pickles, mustard, lightly blanched asparagus and glasses of red, we enjoyed a simple, delicious meal that any Frenchman could appreciate.

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Patricia said...

Try heading to the Ballard or University District Farmers' Markets some weekend and check out Sea Breeze Farm. They make some interesting pate. I used to love pate when I was a kid (yeah, weird, I know), but since then haven't quite found the right pate. Curious to know what a pate lover thinks of Sea Breeze.