Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Best Thing I Ever Baked

You haven't heard a peep from me for an entire year (gulp), which wasn't my intention, I swear! Nevertheless it's astonishing how a new baby and a full time job leave little time for anything. And I mean anything. If I got three showers a week I'd think I was on vacation.

Despite the perpetual eye bags, never-ending laundry and a house that may never be tidy again, it's been a wonderful year. My heart has grown five times its original size in response to the tiny little human who joined us 17 months ago.

This part is loooong overdue. So dear readers, without further adieu, I'm pleased to introduce my wonderful distraction: Maximo Christian.

                                                            At two days old

                  Nice and plump at 5 months    

          Already feeling at home in the kitchen

                Chunky Monkey, a.k.a. Maxidozer

                                       And of course he's a good eater. 


maribeth evezich said...

Welcome back! Love the title of the post -and all the darling baby pics on FB since your last post. -MB

maribeth evezich said...

Welcome back! Love the post title -and all the darling baby pictures on FB since your last post. - MB

Terri Johnson said...

Can't wait to hear your next food ideas.

NudeFood said...

Thank you! I'm so happy to be back and have a long list of posts waiting to be created.

Anonymous said...

Chubby little fella aint he?